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An approach to  learning and growing that takes an individual's strengths, weaknesses and unique learning styles into account in helping you to creating your personalized strategies for success. Together we will partner to help you to break through the day to day challenges to achieve your goals.

Take control of your Life, Needs, Challenges, and Future by developing effective skills for success. I specialize in organization, skills building, and working with individuals with, spouses of and parents of children with Learning Differences. Join me at one of my classes, speaking engagements, seminars, retreats or through phone coaching. Or bring me to you for in your community.

Unlocking your full potential by learning the skills needed to thrive.

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Let me help you to change your life. You have come to this site because you are curious about coaching and wonder if it is right for you.  Well let me show you how together we can help you create a roadmap to success, prevent delays and roadblocks and reach your destination in record time. 
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